Moovapps my3Dplayer is the 100% web application for the edition of interactive 3D instruction sheets for assembly or maintenance of industrial equipment and finished products

An internet connection is enough for you to use my3Dplayer. She accompanies you during the demonstrations, the assembly and the operations of maintenance of your products or machines in order to understand their operation, maintenance or repair.


Thanks to my3Dplayer:

Put digital at your service

  • Script in an intuitive way
  • Easily share via multiple devices
  • Have a web tool accessible 247

Accelerate industrial operations

  • Make it easy to update the instructions sheets
  • Improve understanding of operators
  • Bring a better quality of interventions

Optimize your training procedures

  • Capitalize on your know-how
  • Reduce training times
  • Reduce the risk of errors in the procedures to be performed

my3Dplayer, the key features:

Acquisition of the 3D model

  • Multilingual: French / English / German / Spanish / Italian
  • Web client: no installation required
  • Windows 10 heavy client: for more performance
  • CAD Multiformat: SOLIDWORKS / CATIA / Inventor / Creo / NX / STEP

Player scripting

  • Creation of sequences
  • Creating steps
  • Choice of colors / materials / backgrounds / lights
  • 3D camera point of view
  • Show / hide components
  • Component animations (translation, rotation, transparency, blinking, 3D annotation)
  • Association of media and comments (images, PDF, videos)

Publication and visualization

  • Multi-support deployment:     * Visualization connected via:         * Web Browsers         * I consult the player via URL     * Visualization disconnected via:         * Application: IOS, Android, Windows 10         * I consult the player by entering the QR code / code     * Visualization in Virtual Reality:         * Application: Windows 10         * I consult the player in virtual reality